biped for cities

Cities are challenging for blind and visually impaired people. Construction work, windows, benches, electric scooters, low hanging branches... There are too many dangers to enumerate them, but cities can act.

What is biped?
biped is a harness worn on the shoulders, that helps blind and visually impaired people avoid obstacles & follow GPS instructions with simple sound feedback.

Can my city own devices?
Yes! biped is a device that can be used personally, but it can also be installed in a specific location (e.g tourism office, town-hall) to be shared among various end-users.

Is it hard to use?
There is very little training required, and a minimum space needed to store the devices.

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What does it bring?
biped brings major safety improvements in the daily mobility of visually impaired inhabitants. It allows them to walk stress-free.

But it can also provide GPS instructions, help them discover new locations, or follow a pre-defined loop, for example a touristic path.

Interested in a pilot?
We work directly with cities who want to promote accessibility. Together, we make journeys of visually impaired people safer, and allow them to discover everything your city has to offer.

How does a pilot work?
In pilots, we:

  • give end-users of your city access to biped
  • assist end-users during demos
  • identify challenges and create improvements

We're expanding fast the deployment of biped. Want your city to be next on the map? We'd love to get in touch for a pilot!