biped for enterprise

Becoming an equal opportunity employer is a great target. But your physical premises can be extremely challenging to navigate for a blind or a visually impaired coworker or visitor. You can act.

What is biped?
biped is a harness worn on the shoulders, that helps blind and visually impaired people avoid obstacles & follow indoor & outdoor instructions with simple sound feedback.

Can my company own a device?
Yes! biped is a device that can be installed in your premises and used by several people, or personally attributed to an end-user.

What does it bring?
Using AI, biped brings an all-in-one solution to walk independently in your premises. Indoor, outdoor, avoid a hole, find office 304. You can do it all, stress-free.

Is it hard to use?
There is very little training required, and a minimum space needed to store the devices.

Interested in a pilot?
We work directly with companies who want to promote accessibility. Together, we make your visually impaired coworkers and visitors feel safer, and help promote your actions.

How does a pilot work?
In pilots, we:

  • give end-users access to a biped device
  • map your campus and build a custom navigation experience
  • develop a branded smartphone application to control the device for your visitors and employees
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We're expanding fast the deployment of biped devices in partner companies. See in action below what biped can already do!