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biped device
biped device
biped device
biped device

European and US orders (including Switzerland) can already be dispatched (usual production and shipping time is 9 weeks). biped is only available in Europe and in the US for now, but we are expanding the list of supporting countries quickly.

Disclaimer: biped is still an early product. We’re constantly adding new features to make it smarter, more suited to your needs, and we typically ask for feedback from time to time to help us improve the product.



Lightweight - 900 grams only

Wide Angle

Super-wide field of view cameras


2 batteries for up to 7 hours of continuous walk


Up to 10 meters distance detection range

Money back

30-days money-back. Free follow-up updates


Customer support on WhatsApp directly

Money Back

30 days on us

biped is likely to change your daily mobility, but if you're not satisfied, you can send it back in the first 30 days after delivery, whether you took a subscription or bought it.

Get Started in 15min

Get started in 45min

biped requires to follow a short initial training, delivered from the smartphone app directly. The audio training walks you through the safety features and the sounds that biped will play for you. Takes roughly 45mn to complete.


biped is a harness worn on the shoulders, equipped with ultra-wide angle cameras on the left of your chest, a battery behind your neck, and a small but powerful computer on the right of your chest. It works just like a self-driving car, for pedestrians.

It uses wide-angle cameras and AI to generate short sounds to warn you about the position of important obstacles, such as branches, holes, vehicles or pedestrians. It also provides GPS instructions (coming soon). Sounds are played in bone-conduction headphones.  


4600 CHF payment
30 days money-back if you'd like to return it
No subscription or additional fees for updates

30 days free after delivery.
Pay monthly as long as you use it (129 CHF, 129€ or 129$).
12 months contract duration, cancel anytime after this first year.
Free updates included.
After 36 months of payment, you keep the device and payments stop.

For both:
2 years replacement of electronics if under warranty.
In-app training included.
Easy reparability in case of fall or replacement of device.
Customer support included on WhatsApp.

What's in the box

1 biped device & 1 pair of bone-conduction headphones

1 magnetic charger for the device

2 batteries

1 cleaning kit

1 user guide with guide start guide and user manual links

"It's probably the most intuitive device I was given to test. That's truly something I could use on a daily basis. Can't wait for this to be available!"

Lex Gillette

Blind paralympic long-jump athlete


2 years limited warranty against hardware defects. Extended support onanytime after your purchase.

Free shipping.