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We have set up different sources of information that you can read and trust regarding biped. You will find here all useful links for further documentation, communities and news. If needed, change the language at the top right of this page.
1. How to get started with biped
To get started with your biped, start by reading the starting guides below:
2. Follow the latest news

biped has continuous and free software updates. You get access to these updates from the biped smartphone application. To follow the latest news and discover the features roadmap and latest innovations, check our features list.
Check the latest features
3. Customer links

If you are an active customer, you can manage your subscription directly from the payment wall, update your credit card details, cancel your subscription, check the number of trials days left, etc.. As an active customer, you also get access to a dedicated customer support over WhatsApp for convenience. Use the second link, save the number, and share your feedback or ideas anytime. We'll do our best to answer quickly.