biped therapist center

You're interested in biped for one of your patients, but you're looking for additional information on how to proceed? You're in the right place! This place gathers all the resources to learn who biped is designed for, how it works, how it evolves, how to train, how to get biped...
1. Is biped the right tool for my patient?

With the following links, discover who biped is made for, and how to get started with a biped device. Based on the patient specific case, assess whether this is a correct fit or not.
2. How does biped work?

Being able to explain biped in your own words is an essential part of the technology adoption. This is exactly what these 2 videos will provide you. A brief 2 minutes introduction to the technology, and a more in-depth video that talks about the technology, user feedback, partners...
3. What are the latest features to test?

biped is evolving rapidly. Every couple of weeks, we release new features to try. To keep track of them and know what to communicate with your patients, we invite you to check the page below.
4. How to train on biped?

Training is an essential part of biped's experience. Our training is done in a 2-step process. First, end-users download a smartphone app to get a step-by-step audio training, from home, even if they don't have a device. This was developed with O&M trainers from Lausanne.

Then, we provide an Orientation and Mobility training template (coming soon), for real outdoor training. These are guidelines, feel free to adapt them.
5. Ask questions

Still have questions? We answer the most frequent ones in our FAQ, but our team can do direct customer support on Whatsapp too.
6. How to get biped?

How do you get biped from there? We do 1 month free trials for all customers, that's the easiest way to test biped, for you or for your patients. If you need custom pricing, lending for a demo, several demonstrators... feel free to contact us.

Finally, we provide end-to-end reimbursement support, to help with each specific case. The tool and all relevant documentation will be available very soon. In case of interested in the meantime, please contact us.