News - August release

Hello bipeds!

Welcome back to biped’s monthly newsletter!

We are currently working on some long-awaited features that we will very soon release. This month, we’ve shipped small updates but our whole AI team is working hard on features like hole detection, GPS integration, and a smarter way of handling complicated crowded scenes.

These are the software updates, to be released this week:

Copilot software in the device: version 1.3.2
- Spanish is available as a new language

Smartphone app: version 1.3.3
- Spanish is also available as a new languageImproved translations in German and French
- Now displaying the recent changes in the app directly to test new features faster
- Fixed a bug that lead to invalid battery percentage

We are also finalizing the assembly of a long-awaited production batch, and we will send updates for shipping in the next couple of days!

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If you'd like to download the biped app, you can even complete the training without the device. That's a great way to get a first experience:
- iOS:
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