News - September release

Hello bipeds!

The September edition of our newsletter is fresh from the oven!We have been working hard on some super cool features of copilot and of our app. We’ll be releasing copilot 1.3.3 and app version 1.3.4 early next week!

Ready? Here’s the recap:
- Auto connect: your device will now automatically connect to your phone on the app without having to trigger the search button every time!
- Speed improvements: copilot just got faster! We keep pushing how fast copilot responds to surrounding obstacles!
- App simplification: we removed useless parameters and made the navigation in the app simpler

We’re actively working on the following features:
- Full GPS integration
- Detecting holes in the ground
- Playing the audio feedback on your phone directly

Got any additional idea? Contact us.


If you'd like to download the biped app, you can even complete the training without the device. That's a great way to get a first experience:
- iOS:
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