Pre-orders are now available

Mael Fabien
June 21, 2022
Pre-orders are now available

biped introduced its smart harness for blind and visually impaired people, at VivaTech 2022, in Paris, in June. A world premiere for this commercial version. Pre-orders are now available!

biped is a smart harness, worn on the shoulders, bringing autonomous driving features to humans. biped mirrors the way autonomous vehicles work. It allows end-users to avoid obstacles, anticipate collisions, understand the scene and get navigation instructions, through 3D sounds that are streamed in headphones.

biped was created in January 2021, when Mael Fabien, CEO and Bruno Vollmer, CTO, met at a hackathon. Both founders shared a similar vision: autonomous driving technologies brought at the pedestrian level can change lives of blind and visually impaired people.

After over 100 tests with blind users, 5 prototypes and key partnerships in Europe and in the US, biped officially launched pre-orders during VivaTech. A major milestone for the field of assistive technologies in low vision.

In January 2022, biped unveiled its latest prototype at CES Show, in Las Vegas, where it won the Swiss Startup of the Year Award. At VivaTech, biped introduced, in a world premiere, the market-ready version.

Our team is truly excited by this major step in the development of the company. Pre-orders can be placed on

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