Quick start guide

Welcome to biped’s quick start guide! You either received your biped and just scanned the QR code in the box, made an order or consider doing so, and we would like to thank you for that! This page will get you started in just a few minutes with your biped device!

We’re excited to let you try biped and get your feedback! This is a quick start guide to get you ready to use biped. As a reminder, use biped outdoor, as a complement to a white cane.

1. Switch biped on
Start by sliding the battery in the device. Make sure the battery is loaded. Each battery lasts around 3.5 hours. Once the battery is in, the fan of the device will turn on. You don’t need to press the Power button.

2. Open the app and complete training
You have been given a QR code in the box with a link to the biped app. If you connect for the first time, you’ll need to sign up. Click on « Learn to use biped » and complete the first levels, until « Obstacle elevation » included. 

Note: you only need to complete this once, and we recommend to do it with every tester. It takes 7 to 10 minutes.

3. Pair biped
From the app, click on « Connect to biped » to pair the app with your biped. Click on « Search for biped devices » until your biped device pops up on the available devices. Click on the name of the device and wait until it turns green.

Note: Pairing may take up to 45 seconds when you turn on biped right before.

4. Pair headphones
We recommend using a pair of Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones. To turn them on, press for 3 seconds the button to turn the volume up. You do not need to put them in pairing mode, this had already been done by our team.

In the app, click on « Connect headphones », select the pre-defined headphones and wait until it turns green. 

If this fails, make sure the headphones are ON (you should hear « Welcome to Shokz » when it turns ON, and « Connected » once they’re paired.

5. Place biped on your shoulders
Place biped as the last layer on your shoulders. Make sure nothing occludes the cameras (like a scarf, part of your jacket…).

Our pro-tip: pre-shape the straps by bending them before placing them on the shoulders of the user. The cameras should look in front, and be relatively flat (perpendicular to the ground). The battery should also be quite close to the body in the back. 

Note: If you don’t wear biped properly on your shoulders, once you click on « Start walking », a voice message will warn you.

6. Define settings
To make sure that you have the correct settings in place, click on « Profile » on the app, and make sure that the settings are correct (especially user height that you should change for each new person testing the device).

You can also change settings once biped is running.

7. Start walking
On the app, click on « Start walking » and you should start to hear sounds. If you completed training, you should be familiar with the sounds generated. 

If you hear too many sounds, it could come from:Obstacle detection distance is too far for your environment (especially if you’re indoor)Heavy light, reflective surfaces or rain are preventing the cameras from working 100%. We are aware of these limitations and are working on a future update to improve this.

To make sure the user understands biped properly, try to place an obstacle (for example another person) in front of the cameras to trigger sounds, and then remove it to have a moment of silence.

8. Give feedback
Once biped is running, you can at any point click on « Stop walking » and provide feedback on the next page. Our team will carefully review it (whether positive or negative) and take quick actions upon it.

9. Do updates
Regular updates will be published by our team. You can find them in « Profile » on the app, and then in « Update software ». First, define your wifi credentials. This is used by biped to do updates faster. Then, click on « Search for updates », and if a new update is available, it will be displayed.

Leave your device next to the phone and the wifi router for a couple of minutes. Once the update is finished, you can restart the device by unplugging the battery and plugging it again.

Note: At the current stage, updates might take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. This will be optimized.

10. Turn off the device
You can easily turn off biped by pressing the ON/OFF button on the device, on the case on the right of the chest, below. The sound of the fan will completely turn off, and you can also turn off the headphones by pressing the same button than to turn it on for a couple of seconds.

You can then place the battery on charge. A full charge cycle will take around 3 hours.

Question or urgent matter?
Reach out to Mael, CEO