AI copilot. Giving vision with sounds.

biped is the world's first AI copilot for blind and visually impaired people, bringing autonomous driving features to humans. It predicts your surroundings a few seconds ahead and generates intuitive feedback through spatial sounds. The ideal complement to your white cane.

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The problem

Walking independently as blind or visually impaired person involves a lot of challenges. Avoiding obstacles undetected by white cane, finding crosswalk is hard and even a simple walk in a park can feel stressful.

1. Risky obstacles

Walking with a white cane exposes users to collisions with their environment

2. Stressful situations

It remains very hard to find crosswalks or walk in a crowded place

3. Lack of independence

Discovering new environments often requires external help, or specific training

Meet biped

biped is an AI copilot device that brings autonomous driving capabilities to humans. Wear it on your shoulders, and start hearing what matters around you with bone conduction headphones. Using 3D cameras, biped identifies and predicts the trajectories of surrounding elements to filter the most important information, a few seconds in advance.

+6h of battery

Pack for a whole day!

< 900 grams

So light you won't feel it

170° field of view

To keep you safe at all time

The magic behind it

The software behind biped is inspired by autonomous vehicles. It integrates the latest advances of research and industry, at the pedestrian level. It will  allow you to safely and intuitively navigate in your daily life.

1. Anticipate obstacles

biped predicts a few seconds ahead what is going to be an obstacle. Your super-powers start now.

2. Identify Important Objects

SoundMap identifies more than 20 classes of objects. Get warned through spatial sounds of any important object that is on your way.

3. Navigate Unknow Places

Get guided in new environments with simple spatial audio feedback. You can also connect your smartphone’s GPS.

1. Anticipate obstacles

biped predicts a few seconds ahead what is going to be an obstacle. Your super-powers start now.

2. Filter important objects

biped identifies more than 20 classes of objects, and filters only important objects coming in your direction.

3. Navigate unknow places

Get guided in new environments with simple audio feedback. You can also connect your smartphone’s GPS.

Why biped

biped is pushing the field of assistive devices to the next era, bringing together cutting-edge AI technologies and the most intuitive feedback on the market.


biped even works at night, thanks to its infrared cameras. Avoid any obstacle, any time.


biped is intuitive to use from the start, and comes with a short training provided via our app.


biped connects to your smartphone's GPS to guide you to new places.

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Are you visually impaired or know someone who might be interested? Are you a low vision expert working in an association or a hospital?

Join our beta testing program! Test the device, give your feedback, and be the first one on the pre-order list! We will contact you back as soon as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any specific queries, kindly contact our team.

1. Is the device already available?

We are currently running a beta-testing program. Simply fill-in the form above, and you will be contacted to test the device and get an early access.

2. Is biped easy to set-up?

We developed a smartphone app in which you can follow a 20 minutes tutorial before getting started. Switch on the device, pair or plus your headphones, and you're ready to go!

3. How much will the device cost?

We have been working extensively to compress the costs of the device. We are working on the reimbursement of the solution in specific regions, and we will offer a subscription model to make it as affordable as possible.

4. Does it work in the dark?

Most of the functionalities will also work in the dark! Most importantly, our obstacle avoidance relies in high-quality infrared cameras that work in any condition.

5. Do I still have to use my white cane?

Your white cane provides detailed tactile information on the type of floor or very small changes of levels for example. Use biped as a complement to your white cane.

6. Can I use any headphone for the audio feedback?

You can either use wired headphones, or Bluetooth ones. We however recommend that you use bone conduction headphones to have the best experience, as it does not block the rest of the sounds.