Smartest technology for blind and visually impaired people.

biped is the future of accessibility. A smart shoulder-worn harness that uses autonomous driving technology to guide blind and partially-sighted people with 3D sounds. Ideal complement to your white cane or guide dog. All-in-one.

Yet another assistive tech that you'll forget? We're different!

Beta Tester

Over 150 beta-testers involved


6 partner associations and  hospitals


More than 600 km walked with biped

Autonomy is the challenge

An illustration of a lady, walking in the street, with a white cane and a STOP sign in front, with a risk of collision.

270 million visually impaired people worldwide walk with a risk of hitting obstacles. Most obstacles like electric vehicles, bikes, or tree branches are silent, yet dangerous.

To prevent collisions and guide you, companies developed smart canes to avoid obstacles, smart glasses to describe the scene, smart belts to get GPS instructions...

Do you know what’s smart? A device that does it all.

Meet biped

Empowering you to move and navigate stress-free.

The biped device, seen as folded. The straps fold away easily, as the structure is bendable. The full device can then be stored in a backpack.
biped device picture, seen from the front view. The device is worn on the shoulders, around the neck. On the left side of the chest, the camera module films the environment. On the right side of the chest, there is a small computer. All of that is hidden behind nice protection cases that are black and discrete. A battery sits behind the neck. The whole device is rather discrete. We've tested it extensively by wearing it in the metro at peak hours and observe the way people looks at it. Most people believe that it is the straps of a backpack.
The same view of the biped device, but from the side, with a zoom on the camera module. There are 9 small cameras overall. Each camera mount is around 5 millimeters only, and the whole system does not attract attention.
biped center side
move slide left
move slide right

biped is a smart and discrete harness, worn on the shoulders, with wide-angle cameras working like an autonomous driving car, for pedestrians. It transforms visual information into sounds.

biped generates intuitive 3D sounds to warn you about the position of important obstacles, vehicles, pedestrians or urban elements based on risk of collision. It also provides GPS instructions. Delivered with bone conduction headphones to leave your ears free. Wondering what is sounds like?

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Community feedback

biped was co-developed with over 100 beta-testers from scratch. We challenged everything. The shape of the device, weight, the way to plug the battery, the categories of objects to detect, the sounds. Everything.

A picture of Laurianne, beta-tester in France, after 2 hours of tests in busy streets.

“It's already so much better than anything I've tried before. I can walk naturally and I feel safer”


Beta-tester, France

“biped really has the potential to become that all-in-one solution.”

Fatima Anaflous

Low Vision Expert, Jules Gonin Hospital

A picture of Ali, a young beta-tester aged 25, wearing the biped device in front of a busy street.

“When it produces no sounds, I feel really safe that there's no direct obstacle.”


Beta-tester, Switzerland

The future is here.

Try biped with our 30-day money back trial. Pay one time or pay monthly. Delivered in October!

30-day money back

Whether you subscribe or pay upfront, biped is free for the first 30 days. Because we want you to test it, and to love it. In case you buy it upfront and return it, we refund your card immediately.

Pay now, or pay monthy

Making biped accessible to most is our mission. We launched a subscription system! You pay monthly, as long as you use biped. Don't want it anymore? Just return it. You automatically get the next version when it's available.

1st batch in October

Our first batch of pre-orders will ship late October 2022. Next batch ships December.

You have questions and would like to test biped in-person? Our team is there for you! Just click on "Book a demo" to talk to a member of our team and test biped in the nearest facilities.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any specific queries, please contact our team

1. In which countries is biped available?

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We will ship all EU orders in October. US orders will dispatch later in the year or early 2023.

2. How much does biped cost?

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There are 2 ways to get biped: by paying one time, or paying monthly. If you pay monthly, the first 30 days are completely free, and you are then charged 99€ per month. If you buy biped with a one-time payment, the final retail price will be 2'990€. We are currently offering a launch discount at 1'990€.

3. How does the subscription work?

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With the subscription model, you pay monthly, for as long as you use biped. There is no minimum duration, just return the device if you don't use it anymore. If a new version of biped is available, you are automatically warned, and you can switch, for no extra cost, to the latest version.

4. What is included in the box?

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We deliver a biped device, a pair of headphones, 2 batteries, charging cables for the device and the headphones, a rainproof travel case, a user manual, a quickstart guide and a travel case.

5. What kind of obstacles can it detect?

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biped can detect up to 20 types of obstacles in front of you: branches, traffic signs, holes, staircases going down, drop-offs... day and night.

But it goes beyond that. biped can also detect all sorts of vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles...), pedestrians (walking, running, riding a bicycle..) and urban elements such as crosswalks, benches or traffic signs.  

6. How do I update the device?

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The device is not connected to the internet. When an update is available, place your phone close to the device and click on "start update". The device will then be updated over Bluetooth.

7. Are there limitations to when I can use biped?

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biped also works at night for obstacle detection. Heavy rain, heavy fog or heavy snow might lead to degraded performances. biped will automatically warn you about these conditions. For a more complete list of these cases, please read full FAQ.

8. Can biped be reimbursed by a health or disability insurance?

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We are working on reimbursement possibilities in various countries, but this can take time. If you need assistance for the procedure in your country, contact our team:

More questions? Read full FAQ